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Aerecura Rammed Earth Builders
Graham Cavalier
994 Prince Edward County Rd 5
Picton, ON K0K 2T0
GPS: -77.150125 44.042293
Business Phone: 289-251-3611

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Aerecura Rammed Earth Builders

Graham is the General Manager and co-creator of Aerecura Rammed Earth Builders, a sustainable building and renovation company. Formed in 2009, Aerecura specializes in creating high performance, low energy usage rammed earth wall homes. Rammed earth walls are created with compacted subsoil; essentially, Aerecura turns earth into solid rock. Insulation is incorporated into their walls to complement the natural and unique energy efficiency of rammed earth walls. Aerecura also specializes in using high quality, sustainable building techniques that not only contribute to lowering the impact of their home construction on the environment, but also minimize energy bills for the entire centuries-long lifespan of their homes. Aerecura's focus is on creating sustainable housing options for residents of The County. Since centralizing to The County, Graham and the Aerecura team have expanded their services to include green energy retrofits and sustainable renovations to existing properties.

Aerecura Rammed Earth Builders
Information Last Updated: Thursday December 5, 2019