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Ecowater Systems
James & Catherine Blakely
300 Bell Blvd
Belleville, ON K8P 5H7
GPS: -77.414066 44.1850638
Business Phone: 613-969-7952

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Ecowater Systems

EcoWater Systems is owned and operated by Jim and Cathy Blakey with Alyssa and Ryan joining the team in sales and installation. With offices in Belleville and Trenton, EcoWater Systems serves Prince Edward County, Belleville, Quinte West, Kingston, Brighton, and surrounding areas. This water treatment company treats hard water and responds to customer needs for iron, sulphur, bacteria, removing chlorine in city water and will install state of the art reverse osmosis units. EcoWater systems stands out from their competitors because of their quality products, knowledge and service. Established in Picton in 1987, EcoWater systems grew to accommodate the educational needs of the surrounding areas and to supply clean water to residents. EcoWater systems in Belleville, located at 300 Bell Blvd., can be reached by calling 613-969-7952 or emailing to The Trenton office of EcoWater Systems, located at 499 Dundas St., W., Trenton, can be reached by calling 613-392-0068. Our offices will be happy to answer all your questions and respond to your water needs.

Ecowater Systems
Information Last Updated: Friday February 10, 2023