About Us

PECCA 2020 Executive:

Randy Head

Jason Terpstra
Vice President



Mark Busscher
Jim Blakely
Graham Cavalier
Ann Cooper
Melody McInnes

About Us

Members of the Prince Edward County Construction Association are united to promote high standards of performance, integrity, and quality in the building community.

Association members are dedicated to our clients with superior products and service. We are always striving for improved workplace safety. We are committed to dealing fairly with employees, subcontractors and suppliers. The Ontario Building Code is used only as a bare minimum standard of construction. It is our pledge to approach all business in an honest and ethical manner.

All our members carry appropriate levels of liability insurance and workers' compensation coverage where applicable as protection for our clients. We are committed to ongoing training to provide the highest levels of expertise possible. We believe that we must be actively involved in our community to ensure the quality of the living we all enjoy.

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